U-Sushi delivers a new sushi experience



Pasha Farmanara, Web Co Editor-in-chief

U-Sushi, located on the corner of Beverly Dr. and Charlieville Blvd., offers a whole new way to order sushi, and delivers it in a delicious and affordable manner.

To look at the options of fish and veggies, click here.

U-Sushi is very tasty, and every customer is able to create their own roll the way they want to, something unheard of in the sushi industry.

“I really like U-Sushi. Being able to mix and match your own ingredients makes it fun, and allows everyone to get the sushi they like.” junior Lindsay Reisman said.

Also, being able to get quality sushi for  good price is hard to come by. Popular restaurants like Sushi Mac, or Sushi Stop cannot match up to the quality you get at U-Sushi, and customers tend to spend less money at U-Sushi.

The regular, one fish order costs $7.50, which is all it takes to be satisfied. At Sushi Mac or Sushi Stop, customers buy three to four plates, which can end up costing $8.25 to $12.00.

Compared to other restaurants on Beverly Dr. U-Sushi is the most health conscious. The manager, Joesph Wilson said, “We get all of our fish fresh, and also our vegetables. It’s healthier than those other places here.”

It is an overall great experience. The fresh new idea, backed with delicious food and friendly service make the restaurant special.