Despite initial setbacks, Earthlings club helps environment


By Julia Waldow, Print Arts & Style Editor
This is the second in a series of feature articles focusing on clubs on campus. Check in each day this week for new stories on our diverse clubs.
Earthlings, a relatively new club, strives to raise environmental awareness to Beverly and to the community through its meetings and slogan “all for earth, earth for all.” Although the club has faced recent setbacks in executing its activities, members are working together to ensure that the club accomplishes its goals in upcoming months.
Co-Presidents Adar Thau and Yasi Sanandaj started the club in fall 2011 to enlighten other students about environmental hazards and to spread their passion for using earth’s resources properly and for improving the planet.
“[Yasi and I] have always been advocates for ‘being green’ and are really aware of the consequences of global warming and ozone depletion and other environmental issues that sadly are not given enough recognition and importance amongst high school students,” Thau said.  “We thought, ‘How about we start a club that raises environmental awareness and helps out the community too?’  We would be able to try to turn the orange and black campus of BHHS a little greener.”
To raise money for starting its ‘environmental awareness’ campaign and for funding its future events, Earthlings sold chocolate chip cookies and raised $250 at Normapalooza in 2011.  However, after the event, the club’s cabinet faced roadblocks while starting up its projects.
“This year, we have had a bumpy road progressing since it is the club’s first year and we are still getting things together and organized,” Sanandaj said.  “Contacting supporters such as beach cleanup and tree planting associations has been difficult.  The only way we can contact them is through email and it often takes weeks for a response.  Organizing these activities is difficult since we don’t yet have the backbone and support required to get the club running at a fast pace.”
Because Earthlings is a new club and has not accomplished all of its goals this year, it has taken sufficient measures to ensure success in raising environmental awareness next year.
“We have contacted e-waste, an electronic waste company, to set up a recycle bin system next year in our school to collect old computers, phones, TVs, CDs and other equipment,” Sanandaj said.  “We also hope to have several events such as beach cleanup, tree planting, a hike and community service activities.”
Regardless of the club’s initial obstacles, Sanandaj has bright hopes for Earthlings’s future.
“We have very dedicated club members who will hopefully help us reach our goals sometime in the near future,” she said.  “Next year, we will have settled a better foundation for the club and will be able to have a smoother transition into turning our goals into actions.”
For students aspiring to learn more about how they can help the earth, join Earthlings and check out the bulletin for meeting dates.