French Dept. hosts annual Cabaret


Junior Sydney Hanover and sophomore Bennet Gershwin preform at the Cabaret.


Ben Shofet, graphics editor 
The French program led by foreign language department chair, Corinne Carlson, put on this year’s Cabaret performance and award ceremony for the 22nd year in a row on April 30.
“It’s an event that we do at the Beverly High; we have it every year. It’s a show that we put on at night that showcases the French language and culture. Most of our French students were involved in it some way or another, either doing backstage or performing or decorating. It makes people a lot more happy to take French” Carlson said.
According to Carlson, roughly 200 to 250 students, parents, teachers and other community members attended the event.
Aside from members of the community, each year a representative of the French government attends to event.
“It’s either the consul or the vice consul who comes and this year it was the vice consul. He made a speech and viewed the performances put on by the students,” Carlson said.
Students performed 22 acts during the event.
“The students either sing in French or they do skits in French, we had one student do a French ballet piece, monologues. It’s all types of performances done only by the students,” Carlson said.
The student cafeteria was transformed entirely by the French Dept. for the Cabaret.
Once the 22 acts were completed, the French teachers handed out awards to the students who displayed academic excellence throughout the year.
“It’s our way of showing the beauty and importance of the French language and culture to the community. It’s a fun way of showing off a little bit to everybody and I just love doing it,” Carlson said.

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  • Parents, students and teachers crowd the student cafeteria as the Cabaret performances begin. Photo courtesy of: Corinne Carlson

  • Sophomores Veronica Karlin, Lana Schwartz and Cecilia Amato sing a piece in French. Photo courtesy of: Corinne Carlson

  • French students storm the desserts table during the intermission. Photo courtesy of: Corinne Carlson

  • Senior Jack Stone gives a speech entirely in French. Photo courtesy of: Corinne Carlson

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