Sweet Spots: Sweet Rose Creamery


Juliette Deutsch, co-editor-in-chief
Uncovering the best sweet spots in Los Angeles.

Mint chip ice cream at Sweet Rose in a freshly pressed waffle cone. Photo by: JULIETTE DEUTSCH
Mint chip ice cream at Sweet Rose in a freshly pressed waffle cone. Photo by: JULIETTE DEUTSCH

Sweet Rose Creamery
7565 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
Forget iced tea. There is nothing like perfectly crafted artisan ice cream on a summer day.  No one knows the power of ice cream better than chef Shiho Yoshikawa of Sweet Rose Creamery.
Yoshikawa, the mind behind Los Angeles’ Sweet Rose Creamery, not only knows how to make a killer mint chip, but knows where to get the best ingredients to make it. Shiho shops at the Santa Monica Farmers Market for the freshest fruits, vegetables and herbs to make batches of ice cream and sorbets.
“When I encounter a perfectly ripe peach–the creamy fragrance, its sweet, abundant juice, the ticklish fuzz, the exploding sunset when split open–it’s the stuff that triggers memories, emotions, desires. I can’t help but be inspired to share the joy of this experience,” Yoshikawa said.
There’s a secret to Sweet Rose’s poignant flavors: the elimination of stabilizers in their ice cream bases. Avoiding pre-mix bases and stabilizers allows for Chef Yoshikawa to have control over the quality and variety of ingredients in each batch.
Sweet Rose’s flavors aren’t flashy or extreme. They tend to be exquisitely fresh preparations of classic flavors, with a twist. Listed on a large chalkboard, the daily flavors might include  a strong and pleasantly bitter coffee ice cream made with beans from Caffe Luxxe, a fresh mint chip, a classic chocolate and a dairy-free horchata. Naturally, they have the ice cream flavor du jour: salted caramel.
“Our flavors and featured items change each month and our menu focuses on seasonality and a variety of fresh, unique flavors all year round,” Yoshikawa said.
The toppings at Sweet Rose are equally delicious. From their fresh waffle cones to crispy almonds the choices are almost endless. I recommend pairing the mint chip in a waffle cone and topping it with freshly whipped vanilla bean cream and pecan crumble.
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